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About me

From an early age, I developed a passion for drawing and, to pursue my vocation, I decided to study at the State Institute of Art in Cagli (PU). After completing my studies, I had the opportunity to attend a professional qualification course as Artistic Ceramics Decorator in Casteldurante (PU), followed by an internship in Deruta (PG). This opportunity allowed me to significantly refine my technique and skills while strengthening the idea of making this passion, my job for life.

For some years, I worked with other local ceramists, took part in numerous fairs and markets, acquired experience and knowledge which finally allowed me to realize my dream in 2003: open my own business.

The interest of the buyers in purchasing my works is currently increasing and they order artifacts of various types, from a simple mug to an elegant lamp.

After 20 years, my experience and my ceramics with refined classic decorations are a symbol of elegance and authenticity.

Attestati di qualifica


Quality brand issued by the Marche Region to certificate the quality of the artistic productions typical and traditional in the area.

My workshop La Maiolica is part of it since 2003 and this underlines that my creations are part of the excellence of my region.

This label gives a distinctive value to my works since it accentuates their creativity and makes them identifiable in the market, offering to the customers products of undoubted value coming from an ancient craft which enclose high level of artisan professionalism.


In 2022 I received from the Marche Region an important acknowledgement for my artistic craftsmanship activity and quality (exactly “Artigianato Artistico” and “Tipico di Qualità”).
This recognition as master artisan (“Maestro artigiano”) is a great achievement for my work since it allows me to protect and relaunch a prestigious craftsmanship. It also permits me to offer professional opportunities to motivated young people who are capable of reinterpreting the past through the cultural and aesthetic trends of the present.

They say about me :

Walking through Cagli, your attention can easily be captured by the artisans’ workshops displaying their handicrafts in the window shops. They can be considered the bearers of tradition and identity, and La Maiolica by Linda Zepponi is a perfect example of this reality.
In her creations coexist the heritage of the sixteenth-century decorations typical of the Montefeltro area, with more modern and original instances. You can immediately see it in the background glazes of her majolica: these are not just in the classical white, but also in the Berrettino blue (following the Faenza school) or in the very modern and fashionable black.
The style of Linda’s decorations is astonishing, characterized by a fine and precise line which is her personal stylistic hallmark. Her uniqueness is given by the combination of many different techniques, from the local Bianchetto or white-out (which creates a lace effect in her creations), to the skilful use of the mezzotint. Moreover, she experiments combining the majolica with bitumen, wax or lustre with the golden color in homage to the admired Klimt.
The room that houses the exhibition opens into the beating heart of the store, exactly the laboratory, which is visible to the public. Thanks to this arrangement, people can see, understand and appreciate the long and painstaking work which leads to the birth of the ceramics.
Linda confidently holds brushes with bristles as thin as scalpel blades, immerges these in water and then in natural clays which are the basis of the colors she uses. This is one of the most surprising passages of her work: the initial earthy state does not correspond to what will appear after cooking her creations in the large oven. And, the same dye will not always give the same result being whimsical and sensitive to the slightest variation of the water. Despite everything, Linda continues her process confidently, she traces her chromatic embroideries with surgical precision and with particular attention not to waste anything. The color that settles on the bottom of the water, in fact, will then be remixed and reused, to create new shades.
Over the years, Linda has also specialized in other processes, moved by the desire to amaze and try different combinations. She has also shared her passion in numerous workshops which always bring something new to her art.

Article taken from : ITINERARIO DELLA BELLEZZA nella provincia di Pesaro Urbino (THETA edizioni)

Maiolinda “Artistic majolica between innovation and tradition”

High customer satisfaction

20 Years of experience


Via Giacomo Leopardi, 30/A
61043 CAGLI (PU)
+39 329 4186905

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