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During the year, I carry out countless ceramic workshops with the intention of introducing both children and adults to this ancient pictorial art, while preserving and enhancing the tradition and culture of my territory.

Basic Decorating Course

The aim of the course is to learn and experiment the “under varnish” or “Majolica” techniques’, reproducing decorations inspired by the Montefeltro area motifs.
It includes :
– Historical background information about the decoration and illustration of different ornamental systems.
– Realization of the decorative project on paper.
– Transfer of the drawing through direct or indirect techniques.
– Brush-made decoration.
– Active usage of the colors and description of their characteristics.
– Ceramic firing.
– Realisation of the friezes.
– Delivery of your creation within 5 days from the end of the course.
The laboratory includes materials, tools and the assistance from a professional figure. It takes place in my workshop in 30A G. Leopardi Street, Cagli (PU), Marche.
The laboratory is carried out in Italian and lasts around 4 hours. It is suitable for adults and available all year long (morning or afternoon), depending on my organizational needs. It is also possible to participate individually.
Euro 50.00 per person (holidays)
Euro 60.00 per person (weekdays)
Additional cost Euro 50.00, to be divided among the participants in the course.
Course in English with additional Euro 10.00 per person (minimum 3 participants)
P.S: The price does not include the shipping costs of the product.

For more information:      phone +39 329 4186905

Cold paint on Terracotta

Pictorial creation on terracotta for ornamental use with cold enamels.
A workshop suitables for adults and children (minimum age 6 years): practical, fun and creative. It allows you to bring your work immediately after finishing it at home, without needing to bake it.
The student can choose between two types of course, depending on the length:
1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES WORKSHOP (approximately)
 Pictorial realization on a 10x10cm white clay tile.
 Suitable for adults and children (minimum age 6 years).
 The laboratory takes place in my workshop in 30a G. Leopardi Street, Cagli (PU),
 Availability all year round: from Tuesday to Saturday Euro 35.00 per person;
 Sunday and weekdays Euro 45.00 (per person).
 The course will be held in Italian with a minimum number of 2 participants.
Pictorial realization on a white clay plate.
It is suitable for adults and children (minimum age 6 years)

The laboratory takes place in my workshop in 30a G. Leopardi Street, Cagli (PU), Marche.

Availability all year round: from Tuesday to Saturday Euro 50.00 per person. Sunday and weekdays Euro 60.00 (per person).
The course will be held in Italian with a minimum number of 2 participants.

For more information:      phone +39 329 4186905

Creative Birthday Parties

Are you tired of the conventional birthday parties?
Would you like to organize a creative and unique event for your beloved?
Contact La Maiolica by Linda Zepponi and she will be ready to entertain the birthday boy or girl and all the guests.
Linda will bring all the material needed directly to your home, creating a creative workshop that will delight everyone.
You can choose between: “Play with clay” or “Paint on terracotta”.
The workshop is also suitable for adults and lasts 2 hours.
The price must be agreed based on the location and the number of participants.
All the artifacts made during the party will remain at the participants.

For more information:      phone +39 329 4186905

Paint your party favor

Ideal for confirmations and first communions.
Your child will be allowed to choose the artifact he / she wants to paint and Linda will provide the necessary material in the requested location. With her helpfulness and deep experience, your child will learn the value of a handcrafted work made with his/her own hands.
It is also perfect for baptisms with the possibility to imprint the babies’ hands or foot on ceramic.

The price is based on the length of the workshop and the material used.
The cost of any packaging (box, sugared almonds, bag, etc.) is separated from the course.

For more information:      phone +39 329 4186905


In addition to the laboratories listed above, I carry out other education and learning activities thanks to some wonderful collaborations.

You can book your experience with a just a click.

I collaborate with various school, naturalistic and tourist projects. My goal is to promote my territory through my workshops: I want to share my love for my profession, my experience as a decorator of Artistic majolica and enhance the love for the HANDMADE.

Here below a list of some activities I carried out during my career:

Painting from ceramic to fabric - MarcheCraft

Workshop on the decoration of both majolica and fabrics with the typical motifs of the Italian Renaissance.

Learn and Taste – Laboratory & Tasting

Discover the art of decorating majolica while enjoying the Azienda Agraria Fiorini wines.

Reproduction of a fresco - Italian Stories

What I propose, it is not only a decorative experience, but also a cultural one.

Farmhouse views

A partnership between art, beauty and local flavors for a workshop that you won’t easily forget

DiWine Ornament – Laboratory & Tasting

You will decorate a mask representing an elegant Bacchus, the god of wine and grape harvest ....

Decoration on Majolica - Appennino Incoming

In this workshop, you will approach for the first time the world of ceramic decoration.

The historical Palio of Cagli - Italian Stories

Giuoco dell'Oca (that is the game of the goose) in Cagli (PU) on the 2nd Sunday of August, it is possible to learn…

Madonna del Latte - Appennino Incoming

Majolica reinterpretation workshop of the fourteenth-century fresco La Madonna del latte, ...


Via Giacomo Leopardi, 30/A
61043 CAGLI (PU)
+39 329 4186905

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